About Us

Our Mission

The science is clear: global warming is happening, we're causing it, and its impacts are devastating human, plant, and animal life everywhere on earth. Scientists have also told us exactly what we need to do to preserve a livable future. We must stop burning fossil fuels as fast as humanly possible. To do this, we need fundamental changes that match the scope and scale of the ecological crises we face. In other words, we have to think beyond light bulbs and plastic straws. SRV Climate Action aims to bring people together in neighborhoods, cities, and beyond to forge solutions that serve the people and ecology of the San Ramon Valley.

Our Philosophy

The success of recent environmental movements has underscored two truths. First, that humanity is an inseparable part of the biosphere, so our fate is deeply interconnected with with the fate of non-human life on earth. Second, that in an era of intersecting ecological crises, all politics are climate politics. We must weigh the climate impacts of all political decisions and understand that the scope of climate action must be as broad as the challenges we face. SRV Climate Action knows that change on this scale will only come through collective action and deep respect for all forms of life.

Our Theory of Change

SRV Climate Action aims to ask not what are problems do we face? but how can we solve them in a way that liberates us and improves life in our communities? It is our responsibility to collectively articulate these solutions and build power to enact them. When we create spaces of community where we can learn, grow, and transform our institutions. The climate crisis will impact every person in our cities, so we must come together to coordinate and support each other, so we may ultimately secure a future for our cities and bend the arc of history towards justice for all.

Where to Find Us

Though there are many groups working on combatting the climate crisis in the Bay Area, SRV Climate Action is the only organization focusing exclusively on actions in San Ramon and Danville. We are not affiliated with a larger organization, and aim only to build a coalition of citizens eager to help our cities take climate action. We eschew formal notions of membership, and invite everyone to connect with us and welcome involvement of all capacities. Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month, over Zoom from 7:00-8:00 PM. Please reach out to us via our email, [srvclimateaction]@gmail.com, for the meeting invitation.

We also communicate on Discord, an online messaging app. Everyone is welcome to on our server; please introduce yourself!

We hold weekly climate strikes to urge our city councils to wake up to the climate emergency. Meet us every Friday in front of San Ramon City Council and Danville Public Library to participate in a global movement for climate action.